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ACH Recurring Payments

Collect your receivables directly from your customer's checking account. Using ACH (Automated Clearing House) technology you can draft your payment weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. You have the ability to turn collecting customer payments into an efficient,  time and money saving process. Our software will also allow you to plan future cash flow .

ACH Phone Checks

Accept checks over the phone. Using our software you can accept payments and collect receivables using your phone. 

Consolidated Returns

Avoid bank NSF charges on returned items and improve float time.

 Electronic Check Conversion

Convert a paper check at the POS to an ACH, thereby avoiding bank deposits and bounced check charges.

Lockbox Service

System to convert customer check payments into ACH/EFT items.

Direct Deposit

Provide your employees direct deposit payroll.

NSF Check Recovery

No cost recovery method for your business. You may profit from NSF items. 

Check Guarantee

Guarantee you receive payment for checks your business accepts.

Credit Card Services

We can provide credit card service to your business at very competitive rates.