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NSF Check Recovery

 One of the most frustrating and costly aspects of doing business is dealing with bounced checks. In 1999 there were 258 million bounced checks in the United States. Losses to payees were approximately $12 billion. We have several options all of which are designed to be time and money savers for your business. Using our processor expertise in collection procedures we recover the vast majority of your bounced checks at no cost to you. We even rebate you a portion of the state allowed fee and you get Internet updates on the recovery process. Depending on the volume of NSF checks you receive your business may realize a substantial profit on NSF items. If you receive a substantial number of returned items we can offer a unique, cost efficient solution to your needs. Contact us.

How it works

bulletCustomer acknowledges fee may be assessed for NSF by signing a check cashing card or the business stamps the check and customer signs.
bulletYour NSF items are forwarded to our processing center from your bank.
bulletThe transaction then becomes an ACH/EFT.
bulletThe bad check is re-presented. If the funds clear your account is credited.
bulletIf this re-presentment fails the account is monitored electronically for funds availability and then the 2nd re-presentment is made. Secondary collections is available.

There is no cost to you and you receive a portion of the state allowed collection fee. (volume dependent). Your business can realize substantial revenue from NSF items.

If you would like more information contact us.