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Electronic Check Conversion.

Payment by check remains one of the most preferred payment modalities. ECC converts a traditional check at the POS to an electronic draft. The customer gives you the check and it is run through an imaging device. It is then converted to an electronic draft. The funds are deposited in your account in days. No bank trips, fees, hassles, NSF recovery is built-in. In 1999 there were 258 million bounced checks in the United States. Losses to payees were approximately $12 billion. You can use ECC to drastically reduce fees and lost monies to bad checks.



bulletYour payment is credited to your account within a few days. No more taking checks to the bank for deposit. (or associated fees) No hefty returned check fees. NSF check recovery built-in.
bulletCost per transaction less than a credit card.
bulletCheck verification is included. This process looks to see if the check writer is in a negative database.



Equipment costs are a function of volume. Transaction costs can be considerably less than a credit card, including NSF recovery and verification.

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