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Consolidated Returns

The traditional flow of an NSF check in the retail setting is: 

Local Storefront->Local (regional) Bank)->Federal Reserve->Local Bank->Local Storefront.

At this point the local store tries to collect or turns the check over to headquarters or a collection agency. Unfortunately the business has now paid an NSF fee ($20+ in some states) and must devote time and money to still be paid.

With Consolidated Returns the flow of the NSF item is the same until it reaches the Federal Reserve Bank. All of your companies NSF items are separated and returned to our processing center where they are re-presented (twice if  necessary) electronically. Because the NSF was never returned to your bank you avoid bank NSF charges completely. This can result in substantial savings both in money and time. In addition we do not debit the NSF item from your funds until collection efforts have been exhausted. This results in a float advantage to your business.

This new service is a must for any company experiencing high volume NSF items or having multiple store fronts. Contact us now for more information and an added bonus.