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Consolidated Returns NSF Check Recovery

Consolidated returns offers your company the ability to drastically reduce the time and money spent in NSF check management.

The typical NSF check flow is:

Consumer->Business->Local/Regional Bank->Federal Reserve Processing Center->NSF check discovered-> Local/Regional bank->Business.

As you well know this process can take 10 days or more. When the bad check is received at the local bank they tack on an NSF fee varying from $5 to $30. The business now has to hopefully collect the face value from the customer and if lucky assess a fee.

Using Consolidated Returns the flow of the NSF check is the same until it reaches the Federal Reserve level. Your companies NSF items are separated and sent to our processing centers immediately. We then image the NSF check and begun advanced electronic collection including automatically monitoring the account for a positive funds balance. We collect the face value and assess the fee electronically. You can literally have your NSF check recovered and fee assessed in half the time it took to even know the check was NSF.

Consolidated Returns offers a solution that can actually produce revenue from a heretofore time and money draining problem; the NSF check.  

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