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Our new software is here! ACH debits and credits of checking/savings account and the ability to process credit card transactions as well. 

Does your business need a secure, easy to use, economical and reliable method to debit or credit checking, savings or credit card accounts? We have exactly what you need. Software, Internet based, uploading files or integration with existing applications are all available. You will not find a better product at comparable prices. 

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Your business deserves the best. We provide the most advanced, efficient tools available. Using the ACH network you will be able to improve cash flow and streamline business practices.

Whether you need to: accept an ACH check by phone, place customers on a recurring payment plan, offer employee Direct Deposit, make electronic payments, NSF check handling, or lockbox processing we offer the best options available.

If you need to integrate ACH processing into your applications we can help. We work with the most creative, flexible processor and we can fulfill your unique needs.

If your business is in a higher risk category click here. We can help you secure ACH and credit card processing.                                                                                             

If you are looking for an economical efficient method for accepting an ACH check by phone we have it. You may elect to use a PC based software package or an Internet based application. Both offer unparalleled features and benefits. By using our Internet based Virtual Terminal you can take advantage of ATMVerify, a revolutionary product to dramatically reduce NSF risk.

The software and Virtual Terminal also provide the ability to process credit card payments as well. A business with multiple store fronts can use the Virtual Terminal to both process payments and schedule recurring payments. An insurance company would be a typical application.

Direct Deposit and ACH direct payments are another application available to you through our software. 

If you need to automate the handling of NSF checks we can provide advanced recovery methods that can not only return the face value of the check but assess and rebate to your business a portion of the state allowed fee. Secondary collections via a nationwide attorney network is also available.

Lockbox processing is the most efficient method for handling mailed payments. We can customize an in-house solution or offer you a completely outsourced alternative.